¡Así soy yo!

Me llamo Alyssa.

No soy ni perszoso ni simpático.

Soy atlético, musical, y trabajador.

Mi mejor amiga es respetuoso y estudioso.

Todos los días yo escucho música, corro, dibujo, y atlético.

Nunc patino ni jugo al fútbol.

¡Así soy yo!

Voki Project- Spanish 2

The first step that I did to create my voki was to design my avatar they way how I wanted it to be designed as. Then the next step I used to create my voki was to call the number that was on my screen off of my phone and speaked whatever I wanted to say so that the avatar would speak it.

I did like this activity because it was fun to create an avatar and to make it sound exactly like me. I also like this activity because it can easily help me on my homework whenever I need help.

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